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Vegetarian Food Truck and 'Ear'-acle

Not everyone knows what it's like being a Hippy.  You don't become a hippy, it's what you always have been.  You just prefer peace and love more than scheming how you can be the new alpha- you prefer to build your community from a place of love and truth, more than being alone on a winner's podium.   
You prefer to acknowledge and honor the cracks in things more than covering them over with a shiny exterior.  
As for my menu, I just can't imagine cooking animals and serving them to a hungry public.  It feels hard in the heart to eat animals, sometimes, so I serve tasty, nourishing vegan food that leaves you feeling nourished, satisfied, and full of energy.  
As well, you may have noticed the words "Spiritual Healing" in the name. As it so happens, I'm a very competent and well-trained intuitive healing professional, and will stop the world and all the world's mechanisms if you want to approach me with an inquiry of spiritual or emotional nature.  Please click on the floating orange cloud dot (the one to the right that won't go away no matter how fast you scroll:-) for more information about healing sessions.

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