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Hippy Eats and Spiritual Healing Food Truck and Oracle

Updated: May 5, 2023

Recently, I moved to 900 Springdale Rd., Austin, TX to the newly established 900 Springdale Food Park. We share space with, a beautiful, white skinned Sycamore Tree, a sprawling Oak, and a singing canopy that is our Pecan Tree who holds down the corner of Springdale Rd. and Lyons Rd. Buy a beer at the grocery and come sit and eat at our picnic tables in the shade or sun. We're right next to Canopy Art Space and down the block from Austin Bouldering Project. 900 Springdale Food Park is a vegan Food Park, but I'm still serving sheep-derived feta cheese with my greek salad and Greek Pita Pizza, as I have found nothing can replace it. Nothing. Vegan feta? I wish. I truly wish. It's a fantasy.

My biggest sellers are my falafel in pita pocket, falafel platter, Shakshuka, and the Thai Burrito, but loyalists return for everything on the menu. The falafel is super special, as I sprout the garbanzo beans, ground them, spice them, and air-fry the balls the result. Takes a few minutes longer to prepare, but- so good. Add cubed cucumber, roma tomato and pickled jalapeño with our house-made yogurt-tahini sauce (vegan), and it's intensely nourishing while giving you energy to conquer the world (as you do).

The Thai Burrito began by way of vision. I saw it in my mind's-eye complete: A Thai-inspired peanut-tahini sauce covering black beans, brown rice, purple cabbage, julienned carrot, cucumber slices, spring onion and drizzled with Sriracha sauce, lime juice, and cilantro leaves. Considering what kind of protien (tofu, seitan, tempeh, etc.) if any, to add. It's pretty rock solid on it's own and it comes on a 9" or 12" flour tortilla. If you feel like saying, "Hi!" or asking any questions about the menu or location, or if you have some healing work you know you would be best resolving for your and everyone elses sanity and happiness, give me a call: 206-234-8111. I'm new in Texas from Seattle, but I love that number and am keeping it.

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