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For Hippy Food, you're in the right place!
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Made fresh with Food and Superfood ONLY!!

Falafel Platter

Rich in Protein, Healthy Fats & Fiber

'The Hippy' will happily create something unique to your choice of ingredients when time is available.  Just ask!

No cheap, toxic ingredients (ie hfc, hydrogenated oil, artificial colors, seed oils (save for high-oleic sunflower oil in artichokes), msg, etc.)- if I won't eat it, I don't serve it.

Falafel Platter.jpg

Hippy Food

Greek Salad

Greek Salad


Parfait Ice Cream



Falafel in Pita



Homemade Hummus

Hummus and  Pan-oiled PIta


Poor Square Sandwich

Poor Square


A Portion of Turkish Baklava



What are you hungry for?

Falafel Platter.jpg

We’ve Got Fans

Blue Light

Leah Lugo

This is my testimonial as the owner and sole-operator of Hippy Eats Food Trailer:  Thank you for ordering from Hippy Eats.  I am a new business and am starting with a very basic, flavorful, and healthy menu.  I will expand to include such offerings a spiced chick pea stew over rice and a medicinal mushroom soup made with lion's mane, turkey tale, reishi, and shitaki muschrooms to boost immunity and give mental and physical strength.
As I am developing and refining the menu of Hippy Eats, I welcome suggestions and kind criticisms that will assist me to serve your unique palate and nutritional needs. Be sure to tell me if there is anything regularly included in a menu item that you have a distaste for, and I'll gladly keep it out and substitute something else if you wish. Thanks so much for participating in the success of my new business. 


Much love and peace,

'The Hippy'

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